Meet Our Staff Team

Jason Koleba
  • Lead Pastor
Kelly Johnson
  • Director of Operations
Dave MacPhee
  • Senior Associate Pastor
Joel Friesen
  • Worship Pastor
Levi Mohr
  • Pastor of Youth & Young Adults
Amy Fitchett
  • Pastor of Children's Ministry
Marni Rogers
  • Ministry Associate
Matt Young
  • Families Coordinator
Jocelyne Dinwoodie
  • Office Administrator
Juanita Goodfellow
  • Executive Assistant/Local Outreach Coordinator
Trudy Kemper
  • Financial Manager
Karin Gallie
  • Common Threads Coordinator
Leif Carbol
  • Graphics & Communications Specialist
Tommy Stokes
  • Interim Production Director
Ali Kooger
  • Worship Arts Assistant
Mel Reimer
  • Facilities Manager
Bob MacLeod
  • Custodian
Stephen Christensen
  • Custodian


To contact any of the elders, email them at

Len Wedel
  • Chair
Jasmain Parr
  • Vice-Chair
Barb Nudd
  • Treasurer
Barb Elgin
  • Secretary
Jason Koleba
  • Lead Pastor
Shelley Reeves
Keith Schiehl
Steve Willet
Devon Carbol