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Engage Marriage Prep

Engage: Marriage Prep
Mondays, beginning March 2 (5 weeks)
7pm | Roots | $25

Engaged or working towards marriage? Engage is a 5 session course that will equip you to have a greater understanding of yourself & your partner. You'll learn to navigate conflict well, and enjoy each other in the midst of the ups and downs of life. Contact Pastor Will for more info or to register.

Baptism Class

Baptism Class
Saturday, March 22 | 5pm | Arbour
Sunday, March 23 | 9am | Arbour

We love baptism, and if you're interested in discovering this next step in your journey - join us for one of our upcoming baptism classes! A casual, informative conversation where you can ask questions, learn more and connect with others on the same journey. To sign-up or find out more, you can email Pastor Will or contact our office.