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Reign Student Ministries is the ministry here at Vernon Alliance Church that is specifically designed for students in grades 6-12. We are passionate about Jesus and the emerging generation and everything that we do has the goal of connecting the two. We strive to create an environment that every single student feels welcomed just as they are, and our hope is each student can encounter the life-changing difference that Jesus makes in a life. Whether encountering Jesus for the first time as they hear about the Gospel of Jesus or to make a new step in their faith, we know that an encounter with Jesus will leave us for the better, forever.

Our mission statement is, “reaching the lost, discipling the found.” As such, we are passionate about reaching those who do not yet know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and to help them become a follower of Jesus. For those who do know Jesus, we strive to help them in their faith to grow in the deeper life that Jesus offers all of us. We have an amazing leadership team of committed people that dedicate hours of their time each week to seeing students grow closer to Jesus as we journey alongside students through what can be some pretty complicated years. It’s an amazing journey – one we are overjoyed to embark on with students.