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Great news church, the family pantry launched last Friday.  For those of you not familiar with this program we collaborated with service groups in Vernon and they referred 28 families  with a total of 96 family members to our new pilot project called the family pantry.  Last Friday was the launch and we served the first 11 families representing 47 family members.  111  pieces of clothing left the Arbour along with 164  food items totalling $ 528.00. Church many of the volunteers were moved to tears by this very practical way that we could walk alongside these families, meeting such basic needs right where they are.

Well, the pilot project is scheduled to run until June and we could use some help.  We have printed the list of items we are carrying in the pantry and they are out in the lobby.  There is also a link to the list in the news on the Vernon Alliance Church website. Maybe you could add a few items to your grocery run and drop them off in the bins that we have provided in the lobby. If you don't have time to shop our volunteer shoppers will be happy to use a gift card as they replenish and shop the sale items each week.  Just drop the gift card in a giving envelope marked family pantry. A few items we are in need of are flour, sugar, rice and dried beans or lentils.

I am looking forward to giving you regular updates and encourage you to keep your eyes on the website, it will continue to change as we let you know which items we could use support with.

Thank you for your support VAC