We are searching for 6–8 additional volunteers for Monday and/or Thursday, specifically for the summer, as well as 4-6 soup makers (or more) who are eager to cook soup on a regular basis as soon as possible.

The outline for soup makers is as follows:
It is up to the soup makers to decide how frequently to prepare soup. A monthly, biweekly, or weekly soup prep is done by some volunteers. We would be happy to discuss options! Although having your food-safe is not required, the online course is always available. Once finished, we will reimburse the expense. 

The type of soup (e.g., chicken with rice, beef barley, gluten free, vegetarian, pork, etc.), the maker's name, and the date the soup was made should all be noted using a label or masking tape. Drop-off times are during church hours, on the weekends when services are held, or during CT.  We can supply containers.  

General Help:
Volunteers will set up and tear down the Arbour for our Common Threads Guests. This includes preparing and packing donated food items, doing clean up and dishes during serving time, clothing and closet preparation, and interaction with Guests. 

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