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Zihua Roofs Society

Zihautenejo, Mexico

Andy and Maureen (Mo) Nyhuis serve in the poorest of neighbourhoods in Zihautenejo, Mexico and have been for many years. The New Tin Roof project is a vision born out of love for the most needy of Zihuatanejo. They realized that there is a real and tangible need for roofs that don’t leak, so they started the Zihau Roofs Society. The cost per roof is approximately $393.00 depending on the size. This non-profit is based on the pay-it-forward principle where those who have received a roof help the next family build their own. This way of helping their neighbours has led to the building of a strong, compassionate, and well-sheltered community.

Check out the latest Zihua Roofs Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter
2022 Fundraiser

Zihua Roofs is raising funds to replace or repair roofs in Zihuatanejo, Mexico again this winter. This will be their 11th winter doing this for the poor in this area. Over the last 11 years they have replaced 383 roofs. The cost per roof is approximately 
$450.00 depending on the size and you will be receipted for your donation.

Their non-profit number is #80254-301-RR 0001. A part of a roof, one roof, two roofs every little bit helps.

Any gifts or donations can be directed to the Zihau Roofs Society and are tax receiptable.
For more information or to donate online, visit their website at
Cheques may be mailed to Zihua Roofs Society, 405 - 3221 Centennial Drive, Vernon, BC  V1T 2T8
E-transfer can be sent to