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Vernon is known for its strong sense of community, and getting involved as a volunteer at VAC is a great way to get connected.  Meet new people, network with them, share skills, experience and expertise - all while making a difference within our church community.

VAC also partners together with community agencies to meet the needs within our city.  So whether you are a person looking for a specific need to be met or whether you are in a place to give of your time and talents, we believe that VAC is a place for you.  

It seems that almost every agency now is dependent on the efforts of a broad volunteer base.  VAC is no different.  There are many opportunities to be involved, with a variety of tasks or ministries, a variety of times of availability, as well as a variety of commitment levels.  Within the area of facility maintenance and custodial care there are many possibilities.  Your service ensures a clean and safe environment for all to use and be proud of.  

The following is a list of options for you to consider.

  • Snow Removal
  • Yard Work
  • Vacuuming Rooms
  • Weekend Support
  • Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Landscaping
  • Projects
  • Electrical
  • Special Event Coverage
  • Carpentry
  • Weeding
  • Painting
  • Holiday Support
  • Garbage Detail

Whenever someone approaches to volunteer in the facility maintenance or janitorial area, we always ask 3 questions:

1) What do you enjoy doing?  Our thinking is, seeing that God loves cheerful givers, we'd like to see people enjoy what they have purposed in their heart to do.

2) When are you available?  Depending on what time of day, or evening, or what day of the week will have an impact on what can be done because of the activities that happen throughout the building over the course of the week.

3) What can you reasonably commit to?  Whether it be once a week, once a month or just during a specific season, we'd like you to consider it's impact to your life.  Don't over-commit!  We'd rather see less of a healthier you than more of a frazzled you.

Having said that some tasks are regular routines that provide little in the way of excitement.  Others are more as the need arises.  This could be said of many other areas within the church as well, so whether you find your place helping our building retain it's youthful glow or whether you find another venue, we trust that VAC will be a place where you can both benefit from and give back to.

To contact Pastor Will about volunteering click HERE.