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The Biblical Qualifications for Elders

The Bible has a high regard for those who set their hearts on Christian ministry. Paul wrote, "If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task" (1 Timothy 3:1) A 'noble task' calls for a noble character.

Elders need to consistently display Christ-likeness

A. Commitment - The primary qualifications of an Elder needs to be an authentic, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
B. Convictions - Elders need to hold to Biblically-informed convictions.
C. Competence - The Elders need to be comfortable and capable to find their way through the Bible and making healthy decisions regarding the church.
D. Character - A growing passion for Godliness.
E. Courage - Willing to make a difficult decision for the sake of the Gospel.

The standards are high - and rightly so - but we need to remember that the issue is not perfection, but rather that the Elder is moving toward Christ-likeness.

A specific list from Scripture
1 Timothy 3; Titus 1:
* committed to God's work
* committed to his wife
* attentive to his children
* above reproach
* able to teach and correct
* not a new Christian
* not given to drunkenness
* self-controlled/gentle
* holds a positive reputation
* blameless and upright
* respectable and hospitable
* holy and disciplined
* a love for God and not money

Expectations for Elders at VAC
* A commitment to pray for the building of, and protection of the Church and truth of teaching.
* A commitment to actively participate in the ministry of the Church.
* A commitment to Godly relationships - both within the Church and into the community as we share His life-changing love with all we meet.
* Uphold vision and direction of Church.
* Confront sin quickly and Biblically.

 VAC Elders:
Shelley Reeves
Ken Taves
Ryan Young
Len Wedel
Glenn Lewis
Gary Hertgers
Darren Kroeker