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Here's a list of all the past classes and faculty who have taught at Ministry College since its inception in 2010. We wish to thank each teacher for the investment they have made in helping people to discover Jesus Christ and become His followers!

Digging into Matthew's Gospel Part
1 & 2 - Andrew Hayes
The Ancient Living Text - Geoff Johnson
Theology 101 - Darren Wride
Supernatural Gifts - Gunn Hintz
Suffering Well & Living Well - Megan Williams
Living in Emotional Wholeness - Dave Bootsma
Pathway to Passion: God's Plan for Marriages - Vern & Calista Ward
Prayer Ministry - Gunn Hintz & the VAC Prayer Team
Positive Parenting - Vern & Calista Ward
The Life & Times of David: Giant Slayer - Roy Hubert
Prayer: The Word and the Spirit - Stuart McKnight, Gunn Hintz & Elders
Hearing God - John & Lorraine Baergen
Fresh Start - Roy Hubert
Pre-Marriage Course - Chris & Erica August
Learning Leadership - Stuart McKnight
Love: The Most Excellent Way - Gunn Hintz
Christian Worldview - Andrew Hayes
Introduction to Old Testament History and Life - Steve Maskell
The Alpha Course - Facilitated by Jeremy Kinniburgh
The Blessings of the Father - Roy Hubert
Reframe - Facilitated by Gerry Malnis
From Guilt to Glory - Roy Hubert
The Mindful Parent - Geoff Johnson
Reframe - Facilitated by Darren Witt
A Life of Prayer - Jeremy Kinniburgh
Digging Into Matthew’s Gospel - Andrew Hayes
ReFrame - facilitated by Darren Witt and Gerry Malnis
Soul Care - Taught by Jeremy Kinniburgh
Living in Exile: Daniel 1-6 and 9 - Dan Draht
Life in the Spirit - Jeremy Kinniburgh
Apologetics - Dan Draht
Living the 99 Fully Alive - Gerry Malnis & the GAP team