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Kindergarten- Grade 5 students discover who Jesus is, and how and why they can trust God no matter what!  K -Grade 1, Grade 2-3 and Grade 4-5 small groups start with some intros and preactivities. From there they gather together for a time of large group worship, including teaching from God's Word by our skilled storytellers. The morning wraps up with small group activities that help kids to review the story, apply God’s truth in their lives, memorize Scripture, and a time of prayer.

Each month we teach a virtue or “Big Idea” (such as kindness, generosity, faith, etc.) A virtue is what God does in you to change the world around you. All of these virtues come from God’s amazing character, and as we get to know Him better and allow Him to make a difference in our lives, our character starts to change to be more like His! Each weekend we use the Bible to teach a bottom line to go with the monthly virtue that is the learning aim for the lesson; the one thing we want kids to understand from that day’s lesson.

If you have questions about the VAC Kids program, contact Pastor Carmen.