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Staff - Stuart McKnight

Stuart McKnight - Lead Pastor

As lead pastor, I work with the Ministry Team, Staff and Board of Elders. I preach, teach, and bring clarity to the vision and mission of being the church.
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Staff - amber

Amber Arnold - Graphic Artist

My role is both visionary and productive in nature. I envision themes and designs based on individual department requests, and then create them for display. Such items include logos, slides, posters, brochures and more.
Amber is currently on maternity leave

Staff - Gwen Bilodeau

Gwen Bilodeau - Executive Administrator/Compassion Ministry

I work with the staff to facilitate the daily operations of VAC.
In the area of Compassion and Care, I work with a team to address the practical needs in our church and community.
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Staff - Dwayne Boyd

Dwayne Boyd - Executive Pastor

My role is to work closely with the Lead Pastor in providing leadership and support to the Ministry Team, Board of Elders and congregation of VAC.  I provide leadership and oversight in the area of finances and I am involved in strategic planning, implementation and management of the vision and goals of VAC.  I also provide leadership and oversight to the IT department and Men's Ministry team.  I am thrilled to be part of this great staff and eagerly look forward to what God has in store.
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Staff - Scott Cyr

Scott Cyr - Worship & Discipleship Pastor of Student Ministries

I have the privilege of providing leadership in all areas of worship and discipleship for students as the Worship & Discipleship Pastor of Student Ministries.  I work alongside a fantastic youth team, and together, it is our goal to see Jesus Christ reign as Lord and Saviour in the lives of Vernon youth.
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Staff - Jocelyne Dinwoodie

Jocelyne Dinwoodie - Receptionist

"Vernon Alliance Church, Jocelyne speaking..."
I'm that voice on the phone and the face at the front desk.  I offer administrative support to the staff, update our bulletin & ministry pages on the website weekly and create/update the ministry brochures.
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Staff - Bonnie Fretz

Bonnie Fretz - Office Manager

I help with day to day administration such as facility bookings, membership and baptism, calendar events, and much more!
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Staff - Diane Guzy

Diane Guzy - Pastor of VAC Tots

I enjoy and am blessed to be helping children from nursery through to preschool discover Jesus and His love and become His followers.  I desire that during their time at VAC, they would experience love and fun.
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Staff - Vicki Houghton

 Vicki Houghton - Compassion & Care Ministries

I am part of a team that wants to provide practical venues of healing, growth and recovery to VAC and the community.
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Staff - Mike Hoyland

Mike Hoyland - Custodian

My job is to provide effective maintenance and housekeeping service to the facility, preparing it for ministry.

Staff - Trudy

Trudy Kemper - Financial Secretary

I am responsible for looking after all financial matters that affect VAC, which is all aspects of offering, payroll and paying bills.  Other duties include preparing reports for our Board of Elders to help them make their decisions, preparing reports for the District and National Offices, Charities Return, helping in the budget process, GST, income tax receipts and assisting our Treasurer.
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Staff - Carmen Kinniburgh

Carmen Kinniburgh - VAC Kids Pastor

I am so thrilled to be a part of a team that develops programs and ministry for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5, and their families.  My greatest desire in this area is to facilitate a caring and welcoming environment at VAC Kids for leaders and children to discover Jesus and become His followers.  I am passionate about developing curriculum that best serves our children and their families, connecting with and supporting parents as the primary spiritual leaders in the child's life, as well as leadership development and building into the lives of our volunteers.
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Staff - Jeremy Kinniburgh

Jeremy Kinniburgh - Pastor of Discipleship

I have the privilege of bringing leadership to our Prayer Ministries, Community Life and Connections Ministries.  I am so excited for what God is doing in Vernon and I look forward to partnering with the staff, the church and the community for the next season of life at VAC.
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Staff - Tyler Lewis

Tyler Lewis - Technical Coordinator

My role is to help with providing technical, computer and creative support to the ministry departments within the VAC family.  This includes video production, sound and media support, and communicating with departments for all technical needs.
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Staff - Shawn McCaig

Shawn McCaig - Custodian

My job is to provide effective maintenance and housekeeping service to the facility, preparing it for ministry.

Campus - Amanda P

Amanda Perrier - VAC Kids

 I have the privilege of working with the VAC Kids team and supporting Pastor Carmen. I am passionate about children growing in their personal relationship with Jesus in a fun learning environment.
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Staff - Marni

Marni Rogers - Connection & Hospitality Administrator

Along with Pastor Jeremy I help people find a place to belong and work out their faith together in Community Life Home Groups. Also, I oversee the ushers, greeters, welcome desk & coffee volunteers who help people feel welcome during the weekend services. In addition I administrate the Ministry College and Alpha discipleship classes and give support to women leaders who provide venues for women to encounter Jesus as they connect together.
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Staff - Kim Severson

Kim Severson - Administrative & Creative Assistant for Worship Arts

My role encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities, including: designing and creating weekend sermon series & special event branding, assisting with weekend & seasonal service planning/prep as a part of our Design Team and providing administrative & organizational support.
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Staff - Kyle

Kyle Trigg - Pastor of Student Ministries 

As the Pastor of Student Ministries I have the privilege and joy of providing leadership to the students (grades 6-12) of Vernon Alliance Church. I passionately believe in this emerging generation and I deeply desire them to understand how much God loves them and how He longs to work in and through their lives. 
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Staff - Will

 Will Wiens - Campus Pastor

I have dual roles here at VAC.  One is to give leadership to the area of facility maintenance.  This involves participating in and also giving direction to custodial care.  My goal is to develop teams of volunteers who will share in the care and development of our campus for ongoing effective ministry.  I've also been entrusted to partner with our pastoral team to provide care to the church family.  I have been given the opportunity to combine my unique gifting to blend repairs and maintenance with pastoral care.
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