Congratulations on your engagement!

A marriage begins when two people make a clear, unqualified promise to be faithful to each other until the end of their days. They make this vow to only one person in this world. This vow builds a trust. God and trust are the foundation for this unique relationship; a relationship that is to reflect the beauty of God's love for all people.

At VAC we have established a pre-marriage mentoring program for couples being married by a VAC pastor. This course is made up of five interactive sessions. Our desire is that you will learn together about marriage in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This course is offered in the spring and the fall. An outline of the course can be found in our "Marriage Preparation" brochure, or by visiting the "Marriage prep" page of our website HERE.

Our intent for this requirement is to equip you as a couple with tools to enhance and empower your new life together. If you are unable to take the course, a separate time can be arranged for extenuating circumstances.

Getting Started

Date and Facility:
Once a date has been selected, please contact our booking facilitator, Marni in the church office to reserve the facilities.  Contact Marni.   Marni will confirm the availability of the facility. The total fees of your wedding are due in full to confirm your booking.

For a Saturday wedding, the facility must be vacated by 1pm. Sunday weddings can begin after 2pm when the Sunday church services are finished. Holiday weddings require careful calendar coordination with priority given to scheduled church events.

Officiating Pastor:
If you have a preference as to which pastor you would like to perform your wedding, please make that request at the time of booking. If the officiating pastor is not part of the pastoral staff at Vernon Alliance Church, you must submit the name and relevant information about the officiating pastor to the booking facilitator and it will be referred for approval.

Since marriage is ordained by God, it is important that the ceremony be conducted in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

The policy of the church is that the piano and drum set remain on the platform. The drums will be moved to the back of the platform and covered with black fabric. Please arrange floral decorations through the florist of your choice as the church does not supply them. Please only use masking tape for attaching decorations to the pews. Please do not hang decorations on the Sanctuary walls.

We request that...

  • No rice, confetti, or flower  petals be thrown within the church or on the church premises outside the building.
  • Smoking and the use or consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the church building or on the premise


Sound/IT Person.............................$200
Pre-marital counselling materials........$30-$50

Fees for the pastor can be negotiated separately and paid directly to him/her.