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In the last winter/spring we endeavoured to launch a new chapter of Home Groups at VAC and at that time we more than doubled the number of groups that were running previous to the "Word and Spirit Project."  It was an exciting time in which we as leadership tried many new things; including video, scripture readings, weekly discussions and more.  

As we begin another season of Home Group leadership...we begin a new series at VAC that will run for the better part of the next two years that we are calling "When LOVE comes to town."  When LOVE comes to town is a verse by verse walk through the gospel account of John.  We are thrilled to see where God leads us a church as we walk through this gospel account seen through the eyes and told through the writing of Jesus friend John.  Also along the way we will intersperse a few month long series through out "When LOVE comes to town" to cover specific topics and honour special calendar related topics(Christmas, Advent, Easter, etc). 

I am excited to tell you all that we will be once again using the videos as a weekly Home Group resource for any groups that are interested in using them! 

Click HERE to watch the Home-Group videos.