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Reign students meet every Wednesday
Junior High (grades 7-9) 6:30-8:30pm
Senior High (grades 10-12) 7-9pm

Reign April

For the month of April we are so excited to dive into a series called
“Of the Mind.” This series is going to be a unique exploration of the intersection of faith and mental health.

Mental health is a topic of increasing importance and relevance, especially for youth. Whether they are seeking answers for themselves or in response to their peers, we hope that this series helps students see how God is present in a mental health struggle, what tools God has given us for self-care, and how we can best be supporting and encouraging those that are hurting. 

Throughout this series, we've seen some great response and feedback as a topic like this can really resonate with almost everyone to some extent. We will continue our discussions this upcoming week with the topic of 'We Care' and how we can be with our communities and circles in a supportive nature. We want to explore what tools God has given us to help those around us and also be on the receiving end of that as well.


Reign Road Trip

Registration for the Reign Road Trip (May 3-5) is now open so feel free to ask us any questions or get in touch to receive your registration and  waiver forms! Students will be able to grab a form in person - the waiver form is available below.  Open to students in grades 9-12, it will be the best one yet! With new activities! We expect to fill up fast so get your forms in to save a seat on the bus!  Priority deadline is Wednesday, April 17th, so please get those forms in as soon as you can! 
We've had many questions regarding our upcoming Reign Road Trip so we thought we would try to answer some of those questions.

The Purpose Behind the Adventure?
The Reign Road Trip has become a highlight event. The reason for this is simple and more than the fun along the way. Jesus taught his disciples on the move. As they traveled, as they ate, as they shared new experiences Jesus used these opportunities to teach truth. The truth of who they are, the truth of their potential as a community, and they truth of who He is. The road trip models this way of teaching, taking moments along the way to teach and learn truth.
What to Bring?
sleeping bag/foam pad; toiletries; rain coat; running shoes; clothing that is ready for the sun or rain, lunch money, Bible and journal.
$170 (plus extra for two free for all meals)
This Waiver Form is required   We ask that waivers be completed and brought in by Wednesday the 17th as a priority deadline. They may be brought in to youth or dropped off during  church office hours.

If there are any issues or concerns regarding the deadline or cost, we are happy to discuss options with you! We want every student to be able to come who would like to come. For answers to any further questions please feel free to contact Chett.


Route 6 April

Route 6 (for Grade 6)Over the Easter weekend we will not have
Route 6, but will be hosting an Eggmazing Race on Friday, April 26th.
  We will be playing tons of egg themed games including an easter egg hunt, relay challenge, egg drop, and egg launch!
It should be a blast. Robyn will also be sharing on
God's amazing love for us. Hope to see everyone then!

Also, mark your calendars for our Route 6 transition to Reign, Wednesday, May 8th & 15th,  when the Grade 6 students
join our junior high group (6:30-8:30pm).

Social Media is a great way for not only parents but students to be involved and stay connected to Reign throughout the week.
Check us out @ReignVAC
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